The Skeptical Liberal: 03/04/2007 - 03/11/2007

The Skeptical Liberal

How can we live together in peace, prosperity, and harmony, while retaining our liberties as autonomous individuals who can, and must, create our own values? -- J.M. Buchanan


Spring Break 2007

Nothing special: just work as usual!

I'll spend the week writing a paper for a conference at Duke in April. The conference is entitled "Keeping Faith: Religious Belief and Political Economy" and is sponsored by the journal History of Political Economy, which is hosted at Duke University's Economics department. My paper is on Knight's seemingly strange, active religious affliation in the 1920s and its connection to his work on economics, ethics, religion and liberal democracy later in his life.

For students: yes, I'll also be grading papers. I also plan to write an editorial on Adam Smith's views on the "cool city" concept that circulates today. I will post that here when ready.

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