The Skeptical Liberal: God and Professor Adler and Logic (Tagxedo)

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How can we live together in peace, prosperity, and harmony, while retaining our liberties as autonomous individuals who can, and must, create our own values? -- J.M. Buchanan


God and Professor Adler and Logic (Tagxedo)

In 1940, Frank Knight wrote a response to Mortimer Adler's "God and the Professors" (in which Adler charged that secular professors were more of a threat to America than the Nazis) that appeared in a special issue (Nov. 14) of the Daily Maroon - the University of Chicago's student newspaper. The image below is the text of the article run through the "tag" cloud generated Tagxedo ( Thought it would be fun to see what it looks like!

The closing line of the article will give you the flavor of Knight's response: "As to how to recognize, or find, truth, or good sense there are two positive answers. The first is that every one, every human being capable of considering the question, is, and must be, his own judge, just so far as he is a free mind. He must decide on his own responsibility, at his own peril, using such tests and following such council as his own judgment dictates. The other answer is that truth is determined by law and the arbitrary authority of men in power. All social life, indeed any possible human life, embodies some combination and compromise between these two methods of determining what is truth. The great issue in the world, and especially our own country, today, centers in a tendency, a movement and a struggle to shift the point of compromise away from individual freedom and responsibility far in the direction of authority and force."

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