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Revisiting the Chicago School of Economics

On September 14 and 15, I attended the "Revisiting the Chicago School of Economics" conference, sponsored by Phil Mirowski at the University of Notre Dame. The conference website holds a schedule, the list of participants, and abstracts of the papers.

The conference gathered a varied group of historians of economics, economic historians, economists, sociologists, historians, and philosophers together to discuss the Chicago School. Over the next several days, I intend to post a blog about each session of the conference, with my comments on the papers. I will also offer my own reflections on the theme of each session.

My own paper for the conference was written on the history of the famous Chicago "workshop model." The paper can be downloaded at SRRN.

Tomorrow I will comment on the first session, which was a roundtable on Johan Van Overtveldt's The Chicago School. I participated in the roundtable, and also invited participants to submit their comments to my blog. Hopefully, some will! Maybe we'll even be able to get some pictures?


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