The Skeptical Liberal: 07/17/2005 - 07/24/2005

The Skeptical Liberal

How can we live together in peace, prosperity, and harmony, while retaining our liberties as autonomous individuals who can, and must, create our own values? -- J.M. Buchanan


Chicago Economics

While continuing to work on my Malthus paper, I am also taking some time in these last couple of weeks at PERC to interview a few of the PERC fellows who did their graduate education in economics at the University of Chicago. These interviews will become part of my Chicago Economics Oral History Project. Today, I am also giving a seminar on a recent paper that is related to Chicago economics. The paper is my construction of what Frank Knight might have said to George Stigler and Gary Becker in response to their article "De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum" (AER, December 1977). I chose to use this paper for a seminar at PERC because we have been discussing "how economists explain" to the graduate students. Stigler and Becker's article provides a focal point for way in which economists explain things, and I hope the discussion will both increase their understanding of how economists explain, and focus their attention on the best criticisms of the economic approach.

Apart from Malthus and Chicago, I've been biking some (sore legs from riding/walking/running at the "M" last week slowed me down, but I've been back up to the "M" this week) and swimming. Of course, I've also been following Le Tour (GO LANCE!). Last Friday, the pelaton passed fairly close to the vacation home of friends of mine from Alberta (in Pezanas, France).